How to tend classic cars

Historical classic cars give a nostalgic moment to the owner. The old-time dream, memories of the loved ones, the retrograde; all are the emotions that the driver of a vintage car may experience. He/she is not necessarily coming from the same generation of the automobile, and the memories in mind do not have to be of their own, but of their father, or grandfather.

darw454For collectors, classic cars are a memento of human history. It is so significant and meaningful for the enthusiasts, and the price has been soaring up lately. But the maintenance of an old car is not easy.


Do not wait until it’s dirty

Dirt can damage your old classic’s paint. Keeping your car inside the garage without covering it with a tarp is a bad idea. Dust and grime will leave their marks, and you can’t wash the marks by yourself since classic cars’ paint require delicate handling. The same thing happens if you leave your car dirty for a long time.

Avoid high-pressure car wash

afdf34254Classic cars, like muscles or convertibles, were not to handle high-pressure water pressure. The water may get into parts that are hard to reach, which means they are not going to dry well. Remember, old classics are vulnerable to rust, and that is why washing the car with foam or low-pressure water is better.


Be careful with the cloth

Nylon cloth lifts the dirt easily from the paint, but it leaves scratch marks. Use sheepskin chamois or cotton chenille instead.

Use professional car soap

Foams can be the indicator if the soap can peel oily dirt and mud from your car’s body. Do not hesitate to change the soap’s brand if after the washing the paint color looks dull and not shiny.

Regularly check the brake fluid

34234afdsfClassic automobiles do not have good brake system. If not bled regularly, the brake will get moist and lead to damage. Old car’s brake system can’t prevent air bubbles from entering.

Every time you drive the car, start slowly and feel on the brake pedal. Is the stopping power proper enough? Checking once in three weeks may be enough. But the longer the time interval is, it means you need to pay more attention.


Mind the details

Besides body paint, you need to check on your car’s locking system. Do not neglect if there is damage. Contacting Auto Locksmith can give you a professional solution. Remember that your car is a classic, and on the wrong hand, it may easily fall apart.

Look out for your’s car chassis too. Unless you have the rust protection on it, rust can build up and weaken your car’s overall structure. This vulnerability is why you should not leave mud or dirt residing there for a long time.

Keep Your Automobile Clean With These Simple Tips

It doesn’t have to be difficult to keep your car clean and tidy. You might be asking yourself how to keep your automobile clean even with a busy schedule. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be proud to drive your squeaky-clean car around town. You can also compare all car wax reviews and select the best.

Wash at home.

Car washing is the only way for your car to get nice and shiny, so why not try washing it yourself, at home? With automated car washing, you can have the car cleaned while getting your nails done, but that will cost you. Park the car in a shaded area and then wash it down using a hose. Start with the roof, work your way down the sides, and then to the tires. Afterwards, scrub the car with a sponge dipped in water and mild liquid soap. Rinse and repeat if necessary.


Take advantage of car washes.

You can drive to an automated car wash service to get your car cleaned up if you can’t be bothered to do it at home. It’s going to cost you, that’s for sure, so make sure to compare pros and cons before you go. The good thing about automated or drive-through car wash services is they make the experience of owning a car hassle-free.

Tidy inside out.

The purpose of car cleaning is to prevent the car from wearing out, but there’s more to it than that. It is also about feeling good when you’re inside the car. First rule of thumb is to check the seats. Bits of food and other small particles tend to get stuck between the cushions, so check those areas often. Then, sweep the floor of small stones and dirt that found their way into the car. Just remember to clean out the seats first before doing the floor and not the other way around – otherwise, you’ll need to do the floor again.

Use car seat covers.

One of the toughest things about owning a car is taking out the seats to have them washed. It’s a tedious job and it gets worse every time. In addition, it’s impossible not to dirty the seats, especially with children. You really need to start thinking about investing in seat covers. With seat covers, you simply remove the covers if you have to get them washed and cleaned up.


Keep a trash can nearby.

A trash can inside the car will save you a lot of time and effort by significantly reducing the need for you to clean up every now and then. Some people have the habit of just dropping their garbage anywhere. Don’t let that “anywhere” be your car. Keep a small trash can behind either the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat and save your car from smelling like the pits.

With each of these five tips, it should be no problem to keep your car clean. Remember, cleaning it a bit at a time, and often, will be a lot easier on you than leaving it for weeks (or months!) only to have to spend an entire weekend dealing with a large mess.