Important Spare Parts for any Vehicle

Whether you own a brand-new car from the dealership or one that has been used severally, this is no measure of the vehicles usability. There are vehicles whose exteriors look quite old, yet they hardly experience mechanical issues. This is due to the good condition of their interior spare parts.

Therefore, proper care and maintenance of your auto spare parts are very important. If any needs to undergo repair or replacement, you should have it done immediately. This Automotive Stuff article lists a few spare parts that are very important for any car.


The engine

As the heart of the vehicle, it should be the main area of concern. Without a well-functioning engine, your car will be unable to operate smoothly. There are different engine types in use today. Diesel engines are common in trucks and buses, while gasoline is tailored to the smaller vehicles. New technological breakthroughs in electrical engines have seen them being adopted in hybrid and electric cars.

Drive axle

Without this spare part, your vehicle will be unable to propel itself forward. It operates by directing the power transmitted to your car tires. Any sign of wear and tear or damage on the axle indicates that the vehicle is unable to operate smoothly. In that case, you must undergo auto servicing at the first indication of a malfunction.

gear box


At times the gearbox is referred to as transmission, and it is used to adjust your vehicle speed. The engine power is then transferred to the vehicle wheels. Most vehicles today are manufactured with automatic gearboxes for driver convenience. However, the old models use the manual gearbox.

Oil filters

Without oil, a vehicle is unable to operate. This is the fuel that feeds into the engine. The oil is responsible for engine lubrication as well as other internal components of the car. The engine heats up during operation, and the oil filter acts as a suitable coolant. The more the car runs, the more contaminated the engine oil gets due to saturation. If your oil filter is malfunctioning, it will be unable to keep off contaminants from damaging the internal parts of the car.


It is no secret that the brakes are equally important as the engine. Without a proper functioning braking system, you are at risk of being involved in an accident. There are some signs that will guide you on whether your brake pad needs expert attention.

For instance, a grinding/screeching voice comes out when you press in your brakes. At times, it might be accompanied by some vibration. Anytime you notice a reduced responsive feel when you apply the brakes; this is a cause for concern.



If you notice any problem in the functioning of these spare parts, take your vehicle to an auto repair immediately. Where the spare part cannot be repaired, opt for a replacement instead. This might save you endless trips to the mechanical and save you money in the long run. Alternatively, your security and that of those around you is very important. Always maintain safety.

Tips for Finding the Best Suspension System

Cars and vehicles have become a necessity in the modern life. People use cars for their daily commuting and even transporting items. But as people rush to buy their favorite cars, most do not understand the importance of maintaining their vehicle. Some do not even remember to visit a mechanic regularly. Those who do not have their cars checked regularly end up spending a lot of money for repairs.

One of the most critical parts of a car that should be inspected to guarantee comfort and durability of a vehicle is the suspension system. Car suspension systems allow the wheels to move up and down when driving on bad terrain. The suspension absorbs the impact from the wheels. If you have been using your car for a long time without having the suspensions checked, then you need to visit a mechanic soon. And if your suspension needs replacement, then here are some tips to help you find the best.



To know the different stores and outlets that are selling vehicle suspension in your country, you need to use Google. With the internet, you will quickly locate the various stores and check out the products they are selling. The internet is the number one method of advertising in this century, and companies that are manufacturing and selling vehicle suspension systems are also using this technology to advertise their products.

Read reviews

Many manufacturing companies make vehicle suspension system. And to find durable products you need to do some research. Almost every manufacturing company now has a website. You should visit these sites and read their review section. If you find a company that has negative reviews, you should avoid that company’s product since quality companies always have positive reviews.

Talk to a mechanic

carsuspensions1If you know nothing about vehicle suspension systems, you need to talk to a specialist. An experienced mechanic is the best person to advise you about the different suspensions available in the market. It has been noted that different companies make varying product quality. And you need to find a spare of the highest quality for your vehicle.


Visit the store

Sometimes you need to visit a store so that you can learn more about vehicles suspension systems. Visiting a store is beneficial because you will get the opportunity to talk to experts. A store assistant can quickly give you the correct spares just by telling them about the brand of your car and the chassis number.

Importance of installing seat covers on your car

You do love your car and reckon that it deserves only the best. After all the quality service it offers you on a daily basis, it is time for you to return the favor. Besides, your car will serve you longer when you go out of your way to care for it. Most of us think that washing it is the only way to show love for your car. There are plenty of other ways including looking into the areas that are considered minute. For instance, Neosupreme seat covers offer you a high level of comfort and protection. Installing them will make your car feel brand new anytime you hop in. Here are reasons why installing seat covers for your vehicle is essential.

They act as protective layers

When you make the bold step to install the seat covers, you are protecting them from harmful and destructive agents. For instance, driving around on a daily basis exposes the seats to dust and other foreign materials. Seat covers will ensure the safety and protection from early wear and tear. It can be so disappointing to buy a brand new car, and after one week the seats begin to get worn out. This factor is also true when you install durable and quality layers.


Your seats will last longer

There will be no need to have your car seats replaced from time to time because they are worn out. Instead, you will be amazed at how long they will last you. The sad bit of everything is that most car owners see seat covers as old fashioned. This is not the case especially when you look out for the latest and most stylish covers in town. Your car will end up looking like a million bucks when you settle for the right ones.

Your car’s beauty is enhanced

When you have beautiful seats installed, your car’s beauty is guaranteed. Not to mention the fact that your taste is put on trial at this juncture. All the more reason for you to do your research keenly and look out for the latest ones. The online platform is where everything big is happening. Not to mention all the latest trends for you to take your pick. When it comes to accessories for your car, you are in for a big surprise. Nowadays, manufacturers are getting even more creative with their designs. All this is for our benefit and that of our cars.

They are easy to install

Nowadays, it is not so hard to have car seats installed in your car. You can even do it yourself in the privacy and comfort of your compound. However, you may want to seek the counsel of an expert if you are embarking on this for the very first time. All you have to do is ensure that you are following all the right steps without skipping even one. The next thing you know is that you can barely recognize your very own car. The sight of it will be so majestic that your friends will believe you when you say you bought a new car.

The Best Car Alarm Systems

Having a car is now becoming a necessity. We need them to move conveniently from one place to another. This means that we have to ensure we protect them. This can be made possible by ensuring we fit a car alarm system. There are numerous alarm systems in the market. What makes the systems different is the way their components are wired hence affects how they work.

hgghggghhggIt is important to note that nowadays car theft has been taken to advanced levels. It is no longer about the sirens going off; one needs an alarm that will not only alert the owner that the car is being stolen but also help the owner to avoid the car being stolen. This has brought about new inclusions in the manufacture of alarms.

Different things can make a particular system fall in the category of the best car alarm systems. Before classifying one as the best alarm system, you can find out as much as you can about the different features a car alarm system has. This will help you in the selection process as you will be making up your decision from an informed point of view. Besides researching make sure you understand why some features are essential than others.

Some of the advanced features are

Glass break sensors

These sensors set off the car alarm if any of the windows or windshields is hit hard enough to make it break into pieces. This is an added advantage as most alarms are only designed for the doors. Some are integrated even to set off the alarm when someone tries to jack the tires to steal them.

Passive arming

This is a feature that will set the alarm after about fifteen or twenty seconds after parking the car and you forget to set it. It is a good feature since one can be in a hurry and forget to activate the alarm. This feature is necessary since we are bound to forget at some point.

Remote output

These are additional features to enhance security and convenience. Such include having a remote car starter or using the keyless entry. It is a useful feature, and it can be found in most car alarm systems. Some can be connected to your smartphone so that you can see what is happening in and around your car. Others are advanced as one can be able to stop the car’s engine remotely to stop a thief from going away with it.

Auxiliary power

Most alarms have this. This feature ensures that the alarm does not go off should one have a low battery. It is like having its source of power back up so that your car is safe all the time.


gffgfgfgggffgIt is important that you go for an alarm system that will satisfy your needs. Know your needs first then settle for one after considering other factors like your budget, the type of car you have among others. The alarm sales people should not coerce you into buying what may not best suit your needs. Let them advise you but make the final decision.

Why Car LED Headlights Are The Best

Everyone like beautiful car eyes, I mean headlights. Lights can give your vehicle personality. Cars can have devilish headlight eyes, sleepy old eyes or angelic ones. With new designs and technology coming up every day, LED headlights are on top of the list.

Reasons why car LED lights are the best

What are LEDs?

LED stands for light-emitting diode, which is a semi conducting device emitting incoherent narrow-spectrum light when electrically biased in the frontward path. This light formation is categorized as electrode-luminescence. The light that is emitted by LED’s is dependent on what composition and condition the semi-conducting material are in, similar to ultraviolet and infrared. LED technology has a high intensity that enables it to be used in car headlights.


Maintains temperatures within limit

Small fan fitted together with the headlight allows the temperature to be maintained within limits. LED headlights emit very intense light without straining your car’s electrical system; that’s why it’s most preferred even in luxury cars.

Stylish concept

Like alloy wheels or chrome rims, LED has become an elegant concept of vehicles today. Initially, it was only used on production cars and luxury cars for catching the attention of media, but it has found its way into most brands. LED has its share of benefit apart from its glamorous looks.

Very bright

Practically, they’re ultra-bright and last longer than other lights. They also draw less power than a typical halogen bulb. It’s not only it’s whiter light that it emits that make LED headlights the best choice, but it also has advantages of maintaining your battery life because of an electric-efficient system it brings upon.

It’s said that LED uses 70-80 percent less power than xenon and halogen lights. LED car headlights have helped in defining the Audi brand. While design in the automotive industry is important for development, Audi’s’ half-smirk headlight design of Led has made it a signature design for Audi motors.


Cost Effective

LED car headlights can also be seen on not so expensive brands. In fact, there is HID conversion kit, a new kind of headlight. HID lights are brighter, the reason why many have replaced the old car light bulbs with it. Its gives you value for money and safety as well. Despite that, they can easily be installed. Someone can install without the intervention of an expert .the average HID bulb life is 5-10 years. You may not require replacement of entire lifespan of your car once installed.